Our planet was created for everyone.. we should reflect on how to improve our living and surroundings with our comportment , that is a good comportment , which is more easy than you think to obtain, can you image what every single person can do by being more responsibile and careful in the simple things we are used to do everyday?…. we can save our planet which is our home only with a better comportment.. respect and love for nature
It is amazing how much we can do, the power we have if everyone… together does the same thing all over the world.We can change the world now, beginning in our own home , changing our bad habits such as throwing every-thing together in the same rubbish bin… all items can be recycled when divided properly.. we can teach our kids to be more civile and responsible toward’s our planet in everyday living, we can teach them that keeping our planet “healthy” helps to keep our health sane, not to “pollute ” on its own is sufficent.


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